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photo by Fredrick Gustafsson (www.carpe-diem.se

Welcome to some of the best paragliding sites on the planet, where the sun always shines

If the weather this summer has been another big disappointment, with too many wet and windy days, why not pack your wing and a few pairs of shorts and come out to play in the sunshine. Brazil is an amazing place! It is world famous for the consistently, reliable weather and superb flying conditions. The friendly nature and wonderful hospitality of the Brazilian people are second-to-none.

Whether you’re a budding sky-god with hundreds of hours under your belt or you are relatively inexperienced, Brazil has plenty to offer.

We provide a full fly-guiding and support service to take the worry out of your paragliding holiday, enabling you to maximise your airtime and just have fun.

We want you to get the most out of your holiday and also experience some of the many, varied and wonderful sites that we fly. We will typically visit three sites during your stay with us. As an example, we may spend a week in Governador Valadares, world renowned for its cross-country potential; then three or four days in Castelo, superb mountain scenery also with excellent potential; and finish off with a trip to Alfredo Chaves, yet more beautiful scenery and within reach of the coast and some fabulous beaches.

Take a look at the site descriptions for more information.