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Tour Dates for 2016




Sites Visited




XC and Thermalling Course in Valadares.




Alfredo Chaves, Castelo and Valadares.




Castelo, Valadares and Baixo Guandu.

In 2016 we will again be running three different tours. We are also more-than-happy to run tours on dates different to those shown above. Please contact me (steve@xcbrazil.com) to discuss your individual needs.

Below are details of the pre-set tours:

Tour 1601

The first of these will be two weeks in Valadares. It will be run as a thermalling and cross-country course by Dean Crosby, CFI of Active Edge Paragliding. Dean is a BHPA Senior Instructor with a vast amount of experience - flying for 32 years and teaching for 28 years. He has been British Paragliding Champion and British Cross-Country Champion twice. He was captain of both the British Paragliding Team and the British Hang Gliding Team. Dean also competed at national level in all three soaring disciplines - paragliding, hang gliding and gliding. In addition to providing theory lectures, Dean will be guiding the group in the air with in-flight coaching by radio.

This tour is intended more for the low-airtime pilots who are relatively new to thermalling and cross-country flying. Although this does not preclude other, more advanced pilots, they should be aware that some of the time Dean will be focusing his attention on the less-experienced. We will be setting tasks each day that are designed to challenge all pilots and those who manage to go further on the cross-country routes will still receive the same service in terms of retrieves.

Tour 1602

The second will be our normal, tried-and-tested tour of Alfredo Chaves, Castelo and Valadares. This is a tour that we have done many times and it has been a favourite with visiting pilots. The difference this time is that we will be running a thermalling and cross-country course, similar to that detailed above, but visiting different sites. Dean will again be guiding pilots in the air with in-flight coaching by radio and providing ad hoc theory lectures.

Whilst this course is aimed at those who are relatively new to cross-country flying, it could also benefit pilots with more experience who want to improve their technique. Visiting three sites with varied conditions, and using pre-set tasks, helps to create a more interesting and challenging environment.

Tour 1603

The third tour will visit Castelo for four days; Valadares for a week; and then Baixo Guandu for the final three days. These are all excellent cross-country sites that have been used many times for national and international competitions, including the Paragliding World Cup. There will be an option to extend this tour to include a few days flying at Pancas if there is enough interest.

The intention is to gear this towards those pilots who already have some experience of flying XC and are perhaps considering competing. We will be setting tasks each day, designed to make this more challenging and educational whilst keeping pilots relatively close to the main roads for safety and ease of retrieve.


Please contact me (steve@xcbrazil.com) if you have any questions or want to see a more detailed prospectus for any of the tours.

Note - The Brazilian Carnaval in 2016 will be during the week before the second tour 1602, from 5to 10 February. Why not combine one of our tours with some partying during Carnaval and have the holiday of a lifetime.