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Airsports Insurance Bureau

For those coming from the UK, Yvonne Jukes will arrange all the holiday cover you need.


The following airlines all fly to Rio de Janeiro (GIG):

British Airways

Although more expensive than some airlines, British Airways, do provide an excellent service with direct flights. This can save hours of waiting in some airports and reduces the overall travelling time. They also have a generous baggage allowance.

Air France

I have no experience of travelling with Air France but I understand that they are very reliable and are frequently one of the cheapest.

TAP Portugal

In my experience, TAP are often one of the cheapest airlines but be aware that some flights have very long layovers in Portugal. They have several flights each day and a very good baggage allowance.

United Airlines

I have no experience of travelling with United Airlines.

TAM Airlines

I have no experience of travelling with TAM Airlines.


Kayak is a travel search engine. It’s a convenient way of comparing the latest prices of several airlines.